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We are very excited to announce that Made in YORK is having a re-brand for the coming New Year plus we are adopting a brand new meeting format which was tested at our last meeting. Here are some comments from that meeting about the new format:  

The new Made in YORK Open Forum discussion format was informative, relaxed and unguarded, a great way to impart and partake in knowledge sharing.    

Made in YORK.....Make it WORK....

The test run of the proposed new format was very encouraging, changing the emphasis from selling to each other or providing referrals to helping each other and sharing experiences. With opportunities for traditional networking prior and after the Open Forum, this makes it very different to other networking groups I have attended. “Helping each other to more success”.


It was brilliant!! You've melded together networking and 'director' discussion groups into one format!! So simple why has this not been thought of before??? 





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