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Manage and Thrive Training

Do you want to reduce frustration and problems arising from inexperience and a lack of training, leading to bad management decisions and behaviours? 

Do you want to develop into a reliable, efficient, effective and trustworthy team member, manager and leader to be proud of – capable of taking your team to the next level?


We are the people to boost your management knowledge, ability and confidence.  


Relevant, time-efficient management and leadership training in modular format.
Based on a unique blend of military and commercial qualification, training and experience.

We give managers the chance to develop and thrive. Your business efficiency and effectiveness grow as a result.


About our training modules:

Our training modules are relevant, focussed to ensure best use of time, and available to corporate and individual buyers. Each module is individually developed by our experts exclusively for us. Content is based on our own unique experiences (including military and commercial backgrounds) and draws on useful industry norms and practice. This offers an alternative (although complementary) training solution to longer, more formal training regimes.





“Many thanks for the great project management training today. It was extremely useful and have immediately implemented it into my job. I look forward to more.” (Lindsay Rocke, National Geographic Partners)

"A truly educational experience, which allowed me to engage with the design of research projects in a more efficient and logical fashion."​ (Dr Dario Cazzola, Lecturer, University of Bath)

"A great session with helpful guidelines, processes and tips! Delivered in a personal and relaxed way that enables you to engage and contribute."​ (Stef M, Service Manager)


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 Management training short course

Some more testimonials:

"Just a thanks for yesterday. A great course, well presented, and filled with nuggets of useful info to help me manage more professionally."

"Really useful session, and useful to discuss other peoples' experiences." 

 "With a clear and focused approach this course has helped me to revisit some past management experience, while introducing new strategies, ideas and methods for more successful management practices."  

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