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Maria Love Yoo

Maria brings transmissions, wisdom and stories from both East and West. She was born in South Korea, adopted to Sweden at 18 months old and has been living in London for 16 years.


Her Life purpose is about Love & Unity.


She has been organising gatherings on and off over the past 10 years and was one of the forefronters bringing the Conscious Community together in London. Her first group on was called The LOVE Generation where she co-facilitated picnics, ice skating and meetings at vegetarian restaurants and cafes. The first conscious/sober night she collaborated on was called Love Fridays and was held at the beautiful venue, The Achemy Yoga Centre previously located inside Camden Market.


Maria started the Empowering Women's Circles back in 2016. A space for women to feel heard, held and supported, while going through transformation together. Since then she co-funded Divine Spark in the end of 2018, a heart-centred community of change makers with three monthly gatherings with elements of - Authentic Sharing, Transformational Movement, Therapy/Healing Tasters, Immersive Shows, Socials and anything helping people connect deeper within themselves and with others. A place for destined meetings, healing, intimacy, inspiration, connection and playfulness.


She is a Healer, Artist, Performer, Mother and Public Speaker who also facilitates Gong Baths, Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Online Workshops, Authentic Sharing Circles (Transformational Storytelling) and Retreats.


While healing her own wounds she became passionate about holding space for other people’s healing journeys too. She trained as a Masseuse 9 years ago and since then has trained in Angelic Reiki, Life Coaching, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting, Theta Healing, Sound Healing and Family Constellations.


Maria has been part of many different circles led by healers and shamans. The powerful sensation of feeling connected and having a sense of belonging had a big impact and inspired her to facilitate this for others too, bringing her own tribe together.



“I really recommend Maria's services if you are wanting to relax and connect with your inner self. She is a beautiful soul with a wonderful aura of calmness, she takes you through step-by-step so you don’t even need to know what it is all about beforehand. Essentially though, the gong bath is a relaxing meditation to the sound of a gong being played. The intricate sounds that resonate from the gong fill your head and help to clear away thoughts, so you can switch off more easily. After a while you start to actually feel the vibrations in the room from the gong, like the sound waves are flowing over you and inside of you, hence the ‘gong bath’ name. I always leave feeling calm and rejuvenated. Before the gong bath you share your intentions or worries with the circle, the others listen to you but don’t give any advice. Maria says we know the answers within ourselves, but we often forget to listen to ourself. The simple act of saying out loud what I want to do in life (maybe next week/maybe next year) or saying whatever it is that is on my mind and bugging me, it really helps put it into perspective. You can then focus on that thought when you are listening to the gong. I leave with more self-confidence that I CAN achieve my plans and with a focus on what I want to do, or I feel that I have released painful worries and no longer have that weight on my shoulders. It is honestly like an aided self-help process and it really works. The Women’s Circles are a longer, more in-depth version of the gong baths, with more opportunities to share. They also include other types of relaxing and confidence building therapies, like dancing and drinking a special raw cocoa drink. The Women’s Circles are a bit more ‘hippy’, so will work for you best if you are already interested in spirituality and the power of crystals. The group is small and everyone is friendly, and I find it a wonderful indulgence to focus just on myself for a bit of time. If you want to invest some time on yourself and your mental wellbeing, if you are wanting to brighten your inner spark; then this is a great way to do it.”


– Rose Wilson


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