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Maria Paviour Company Ltd


Maria Paviour Company Ltd is an Occupational Psychology consultancy specialising emotional engagement and well-being at work.


MPC Ltd works with a range of highly qualified experts licensed as NeuChem Coaching and Training Practitioners each of whom is able to deliver improvements in engagement levels that create measureable financial benefits for businesses. All of our Practitioners and Consultants are trained, assessed and licenced by Maria Paviour.


Facilitator: Maria Paviour – Occupational Psychologist
Maria Paviour is a graduate of psychology and biology from London University, triple award winning Occupational Psychologist and was an NHS Practice Business Manager turned Whistle-blower.


A brain injury in 2004 left Maria unable to work for 2 years. On returning to work in an NHS GP Practice she discovered and reported patients at significant risk; was consequently assaulted and bullied out of her job. This inspired her to return to neuroscience to research and develop a diagnostic tool (CARI™) and methodology that would support emotional engagement and well-being at work. The results of this is her latest book, the Amazon bestseller “The ‘Brainy’ Neuroscience of Engaged People – A handbook of Neurochemical Leadership™” (published November 2015)


"Brainy" Neuroscience for Engaged People (2015)

28 Steps to save your job and everyone else’s (2014)

Changing Vampires into Angels (2002)


Maria Paviour offers elite NeuChem® Coaching at the University of Sussex and Harley Street, London.


MPC Ltd has worked extensively with business leaders, senior managers, board directors and partners and senior personnel in law firms, in the construction industry, pharmaceutical, finance, banking, and healthcare sectors.

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