Marianne Power

These session are for all humans, not just humans who like writing.

We are not trying to write a short story or a poem, or be in any way clever, we are just moving a pen across the paper just to see what comes out. The hope is that this writing for self-expression can make you feel a bit lighter - getting things out of your head and onto the page is therapeutic - and interesting. It's often surprising what comes out. Most importantly, you do this while feeling connected to a bunch of lovely, lovely people.

I live in London and we have people join from every corner of the world: South Sudan, Shanghai, Melbourne, Perth, Bombay, Canada, US, Holland, Sweden, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England. English does not need to be your first language, you can write in whatever language you like, though I will be speaking in English. We don't read out loud and there is never any pressure to speak at all.

All welcome.