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Mary Hamilton


ExcelChild aims to provide a service of excellence in which children can excel, families can thrive and a changed child can transform a family. ExcelChild is based in Norwich, Norfolk UK.

Private Paediatric Occupational Therapy Clinic in Norwich

Excel Child is a Private Clinic set up in 2011 to help a growing number of children with multiple diagnoses such as ADHD, Pathological Avoidance Syndrome, Tourette’s, Autism, Dyspraxia and general Sensory Processing problems. These children often fail the curriculum, have poor sleep patterns, frequent crying for no apparent reason, clumsy, extremely fussy with wearing clothes, washing, hair brushing, eating, do not have any friends and experience either violent, disruptive or defiant behaviours. Parents experience frustration, can be at a loss to know how to respond to their child who reacts negatively to most situations and are often very isolated. Mary knew that she could help these children and after 18 years in the NHS, moved on and started a private assessment and intervention clinic.

Founder: Mary Hamilton

Mary graduated in 1993 from Coventry University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy. Junior Rotation included neurology, elderly, rehabilitation, orthopaedics and Head Injuries. She held a senior post in Peterborough, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry for four years. In 1999 she completed a Master of Science in Paediatrics from the University of East London. Mary then worked in Norwich NHS in Paediatrics for 12 years, specialised in Sensory Integration and became an Advanced Practitioner in 2014 from the University of Ulster.

​Governing Body and Professional Memberships

Mary is a member of the College of Occupational Therapy UK and the Specialist Section of Independent Practice. Mary works according to the College of Occupational Therapy’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The Consumer Act is also adhered to and Mary is registered by the Health Care Professions Council. Mary is qualified up to the highest module in Sensory Integration (SI4) with Advanced Practitioner Status she is currently pursuing a PHd route with Ulster University. Mary engages in regular clinical supervision, maintains a Continuing Professional Development Portfolio and keeps up to date with regular training to ensure Excel Child maintains excellence and expertise.

Mary is member of the Sensory Integration Network UK and Ireland and a qualified Integrated Listening System Practitioner.