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Materials Processing Institute & TWI


The Materials Processing Institute is a world leading technology and innovation centre supporting industry, government and academia.


The Institute has expertise in materials, materials processing and energy, specialising in challenging processes, particularly those involving high specification materials, high temperatures and difficult operating conditions.


Project teams, scientists and engineers work across all industrial sectors to develop, prove, prototype and scale-up new products, materials and processes. Cutting edge technology and science based expertise is used to develop new technology and improve existing materials and processes.


Support ranges from project specific investigations, through to multi-project research programmes and this is available for start-ups and SMEs through to larger multinational businesses.




TWI helps organisations achieve tgheir most critical objectives through successful application of joining technologies and ancillary operations support. TWI works with organisations to implement and optimise processes and product performance.


TWI provides an integrated approach to joining, inspection and material implementation for products. This embraces everything from specification and prototyping, to commissioning, installation and training.


TWI can visit sites to assess existing production processes, identifying and rectifying issues. TWI also has an extensive range of in-house testing facilities used to investigate and validate the performance of materials, products or assets - this extends to in-service inspection, monitoring and lifetime extension.


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