Materials Processing Institute, Armourers & Brasiers' Company, IOM3




This Symposium is supported by the Worshipful Company of Armourers'and Brasiers, the Iron and Steel Society of IOM3 and the materials Processing Institute.

The Worshipful Company of Armourers and Brasiers is a Livery Company of the City of London. Its principal charitable purpose is to support science education and research, with an emphasis on Materials Science. The Company works in partnership with leading industrial organisations to support Materials Science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and science education in schools. The Armourers and Brasiers' Company was formed in 1322 to preserve the monopoly in making of armour and to maintain its quality, by a rigorous apprenticeship system, inspection and hallmarking. The Company continues its ancient traditions of innovation and education in metals and materials by encouraging young people to study Materials Science and pursue industrial or research careers in that area. The Company has occupied the same site in the city of london since 1346.

The Iron and Steel Society of the IOM3's activities encompass all professional, technical and educational aspects of the Steel Industry, its supply chain and other strategic considerations of steel. In addition to its interactions with the wider industry the Iron and Steel Society supportsb the promotion of knowledge and education within the sector including encouragement of activity with universities and younger members of the Institute, iron and steel related institutes and learned societies both internayional and domestic, support of conferences, seminars and professional development events.

The Materials Processing Institute is and independent R&D organisation with emphasis on the materials sector with particular focus on ferrous metals and traces its origins back to the British Iron & Steel Association in 1944. In 2014, it became an independent reasearch institute. The instiute works on industrial R&D with all the major UK steel producers as well as international counterparts and a broad spectrum of UK Universities. Academic interaction includes support to PhDs, mentoring, short placements, work with a number of Doctoral training centres, and a bursary scheme to encourage student 'enhancement' activities.

In 2016 the Materials Processing Institute joined  the Armourers and Brasiers Materials Science partnership. The joint programme of activities in this partnership is intended to enrich the research experience of students in the field of Materials Science.


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