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Maximillian Maddy

Clients in this coaching practice are typically professional women between 30 - 45. Who feel frustration and insecurity from not losing body (or baby) fat. I help them to lose the unwanted body fat allowing them to reconnect to a more positive view of themselves and their bodies. They then feel secure and successful from their achievement. Becoming a self-assured professional, that can step into the business world, full of courage and happiness.


What makes me unique is that together with the client, we create a healthier lifestyle that both suits their individual needs and aligns with their personal tastes.

Rather than going on a 'diet', we integrate more enjoyable, sustainable healthy eating habits that they are enthusiastic about having. Learning about what's going on in their life currently and helping them to manage that in a way that does not interfere with their healthy lifestyle.

This allows one to become healthier easier, and in a more fun and pleasant way. It also allows one to maintain the level of health they have chosen for them self.

This is what actually makes the whole process so exciting and so powerful for them. As they learn that they can be in control of their lifestyle and have it the way they really want.

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