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McFade Photography And Training

Anyone with a camera can create great photos - even with a phone you can get results. 

Our workshops are for everyone -


We show you how to look for stuff to photograph - things you'd normally walk straight pass often have huge potential - and show you how to frame it to look great.

We'll also show you settings you've never seen on your camera, when to use them and build your confidence as a photographer. 


For intermediate photographers - we can teach you about flash, night photography, HDR, car photography, location portraits... and we do lots of trips to the dales and abroad to inspire you. 


For more advanced photographers, we can help with processing, mastering flash, photographing people, lighting scenes for commercial purposes... pretty much anything you need to push your boundaries to the next level


Ade is a master of explaining baffling concepts to anyone, nationally published photographer and writer, organiser of fun and diverse workshops, and freely shares all his photographic knowledge to anyone on his events. 

It's over 12 years since getting his first DSLR and in that time has shot landscapes,portraits, super cars, models, bands, HDR, strobist... just about everything. 

McFade Training - the workshop and teaching part of his business - is all about passing on the info and having fun doing it. It's all about going to locations he's found over the years and showing people how to take great shots, think of different angles to shoot from, play with lighting and torches, make sparks and draw with torches.... and come away with loads of new skills and some awesome shots. 

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