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We work with diversely talented individuals, right from KS1 through to third age, across three overlapping divisions. Medesthai’s Educational Unit offers direct services through STEAM and other initiatives, working in tandem with the Clinical Unit.


Through the Enterprise Unit, Medesthai seeks to foster trans-sector innovation and development by combining expertise, creativity, curiosity, passion, and investment from key strategic partners and our Advisory Council, alongside current and future Ambassadors and Education Award recipients. We do this through intentional integration of tested models of collaborative growth and development.  The Enterprise projects spotlight how we apply and leverage expertise across the private, statutory and charity sectors through strategic partnerships.  


We  directly sponsor and promote new work through various workshops, events, exhibitions, and residencies, plus opportunities for space in our Artsy Gallery.


All of our projects initiate career development pathways for young professionals, allowing them to develop and apply their skills and expertise, thus enabling them to fulfil their ambitions and retain creative rights or other forms of ownership in their work.


This framework inherently inspires and accelerates the growth of existing projects so that established professionals can continue to develop their practice and expand their reach beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines.


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