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Getting things done, improving things, making a difference and reducing waste are all things I get very excited about.

Having spent years throwing more and more hours at work because I thought that was the way to get more done I reached exhaustion. I was so tired I couldn't even get out of the bed to spend time with my gorgeous nephew when he stayed over at the weekends.

I realised things had to change and I spent 4 years learning about every productivity and time management technique I could as well as working with a coach. Infact I loved working with a coach so much I decided to become one myself and trained for a year.

Now I help people who feel overwhelmed, frustrated and in danger of burning out.

It's not about getting up at 5am, nor is it about multi-tasking and you really can't manage time - it's about focussing on what's really important, ditching distractions and achieving more by doing less.


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