Mike Turner

It's lonely at the top, and we need the right support structures to succeed.

I have been involved in leadership and coaching groups my entire career. Getting advice, having
your ideas challenged, receiving encouragement from peers and then implementing these ideas is
what helps us all grown and change positively.

It also helps you to shape your vision and clarify why you do what you do.

The benefit of The Enlightened Leaders Forum is that we combine great content that will challenge
you in a positive way as well as provide with technological pointers to help you implement some of
the more challenging aspects. We look to cover all the key bases.

The ELF group will be as strong as its members. Networking and working with your peers will be
an essential benefit and this will help you to stay focused and achieve key actions and tasks.

At ELF, you will not be short of innovative and effective ideas to develop an engaged and motivated
team around you that delivers the results you want and need. It will only be limited by your
actions after each event.

Add in a large side order of fun and community and you have a great success recipe.
I am looking forward to working with you and helping to make this year your best one ever.

Mike Turner

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