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MILKandLEAD Art Gallery

MILKandLEAD started as an independent art gallery in October 2009. We provided a space for cutting-edge artists and sought to provide a platform that would act as a place of exposure for new talent. The gallery immersed itself in the sub-culture scene, reaching a wide and varied audience. The hallmark of MILKandLEAD was that we offered the possibility of an interactive experience for both the audience and artist into the world of art, music and performance.

MILKandLEAD is now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, enabling us to seek out and provide funding for new and exciting artists from many alternative scenes and disciplines. The Charity is supported by a diverse range of institutions, organisations and individual donations. We are providing a dynamic platform for cultural innovation and art. This is translated into workshops and seminars open to everyone. This interactive and interdisciplinary approach to art provides many exciting possibilities for both emerging artists, critics and audiences.

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