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Firstly I'd like to genuinely thank you for clicking on the link and taking the time to read this. 
I went to an event and heard the stories of how people are 'living' in Syria, and I've never felt so helpless. I then realised,  I am far from helpless. I have everything in my power to make a change - no matter how small. 
That thought led me to raising my hand and pledging £10,000. This considerably large number is to be donated 12 months from the date I raised the pledge - 15th October 2016. 
Every penny donated to the cause will make me extremely proud and genuinely grateful for the community we live in - knowing we all want to make a change. 
A £10,000 target is an extreme amount to start with - especially when you only have the means of a student. I'm putting in strenuous amounts of effort to unite different cities, universities and communities with various activities and events. I have 12 months to raise this money and I aim to use every second. 

I hope you all help me on this journey and donate even the smallest amount. 

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