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{mimi : ninyi : sisi}

{mimi : ninyi : sisi} is about quite a few things. First and foremost, it's a creative and performance based platform to raise awareness on Congo's conflict minerals and our technology.

{mimi : ninyi : sisibelieves in the spirit of oneness and unity and works towards building a better community; building bridges and breaking down barriers that have been built to keep us apart. Things like race, class, social status, religion, political views and much more are no excuse to divide us - these are things that should educate and bring us closer together because whether you like it or not, we are all connected! Something you do or a choice you make affects another person - be it close or far. 

Now all you music lovers will love this! Right at the very core, heart, soul and being of {mimi : ninyi : sisi is Music. But not just any type. You see it has to have soulpassionintegritytell a storyhas a background, be individual and be full of love! {mimi : ninyi : sisiseeks to put on amazing musical performances that embody all of these qualities to keep real music alive and crush music that is made for the sake of commercialism, follows a formula and acts as a vacuum. As a lover of other types performance and forms of creativity, {mimi : ninyi : sisi casts its net wide to include poetry, storytelling, art, theatre, dance, talks and anything that allows you to get involved.

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