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Mimosa Mime


I studied mime in Japan&City Lit in London.Worked as a chimpanzee in Warner Brothers, taught & performed in Japan,UK,EU,Africa, NewYork&Caribbean. I mostly improvise, sometimes comedy or Jester. I like to collaborate to create performances to lift the spilit of this earth & lives on it. Respect Ital.



Circumbendibus,Serviver'sPoetry,World OysterClub,NottingHillCarnival,ThamesFesstival,SarapeticiousNobody in Festival of Life, Earth&Spilit,CoolTan,OldBailey's,BrixtonVillage,Hesfes,YouthClub,Presently,I sometimes perform in Tottenham Chance's



I studied mime with Pan Yogo in Japan, Ronald Wilson in City Lit London, Desmond Jones in Warner Brothers London & Etienne Decruox in Paris in 70s. I taught & performed in Japan, UK, EU, Africa, New York & Caribbean.


In UK,

I was a member of Improvisational Performing Art Troup ; 'Circumbendibus' in Brighton in 90s. Performed for Serviver's Poetry, World Oyster Club, Notting Hill Carnival, Thames Fesstival, 'Sarapeticious Nobody' in 'Festival of Life' in London, Earth & Spilit & Treewagi Festival in South England, Powis Carnival in Wales, Cool Tan, Old Bailey's & Brixton Village in Brixton.


Have taught mime in Osaka Japan, Hesfes Home Education, Brixton Village pop up shop 'Healing Art', Forest Gate Youth Club and Clown 'Lady Sponge' played in park fairs & children's parties.

At present, perform in Tottenham Chance's Poetry Evenings and began London Mime wOrkshOp in Brixton January 2017.






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