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Mindfullybeing is now offering mindful movements sessions for everyone, especially those who are interested in mind-body work. 

The gentle stretching and strengthening exercises are done very slowly with awareness of breathing and sensations arising with each posture. We do this with a non-striving attitude, without forcing.

The invitation is to bring a kindly sense of acceptance and lightness of approach to each movement, an opening up to 'being in the body', listening with awareness - working within our limitations. We pause, breathe and relax into the postures (as best we can!) creating a space internally and externally to be present, with moment to moment awareness.

Mindful Tai Chi reflects an approach to teaching and learning based on the central importance of conscious awareness of movement.

In this process real changes can be made that will beneficially support the best possible functional movement in a relaxed and calm state. Mindful movements have found very helpful for people with balance and mobility difficulties, stress and anxiety, dementia, Parkinson's disease and arthritis.

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