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Mindfulness 8 Week Courses Edinburgh, Scotland

The mindfulness training in Edinburgh, Scotland provides an excellent foundation for understanding and practising mindfulness in a direct practical way. The experience gained will help to cultivate a different kind of relationship with yourself and others.


Our courses will help you to systematically develop the skill of being present. This course will include training in mindfulness with a more in-depth exploration of the principles involved, including guidance on how to face challenging events, sensations, moods and social interactions. The structure and content of this course stems primarily from the internationally successful Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy syllabus.


 Week One: Recognising our Autopilot Mind


Week Two: Working with the Challenges


Week Three: Mindfulness of Breathing and Body in Movement


Week Four: Being Present


                     HALFWAY REVIEW


Week Five: Allowing and Letting Be


Week Six: Seeing Thoughts as Thoughts not Facts


Week Seven: Mindfulness in  Everyday Life


Week Eight:  Acceptance and Change


Day Retreat Session to be attended after week five.


Please NoteHome Practice is an important part of the training. Missed sessions will be covered. (however missing 3 or more sessions, is not ideal for you)


 The course will also include a longer additional Day Retreat session, held on a Saturday, in which those attending will have the chance to practice together for longer in silence and to learn two new complementary meditation techniques.

The training aims to assist you in dealing with what can be challenging and helps to take better care of yourself and get the most out of the life.  Majority of people who have attended this course (Read Testimonials) have generally found that they learn how to deal with their stress better and are able to enjoy a calmer, more detached perspective on their thoughts and feelings as well as a more vibrant appreciation of their present physical sensations. They also report:


  1. an increased ability to relax, 
  2. greater energy and enthusiasm for life, 
  3. heightened self-confidence, 
  4. an increased ability to cope more effectively with both short and long-term stressful situations.




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