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Minute Monologue

Minute Monologue
is a platform to help actors show off their skills and show their versatility without having to wait for an audition to come up and allow them to.
After recording a 1 minute long monologue, actors post it to their Instagram with the correct tags and then it is reposted to the @MinuteMonologue profile. Casting directors, agents, directors and producers are then able to browse through these short monologues at their leisure when searching for new talent!

We have since expanded to doing livestreams, workshops and sharing information on what is happening in the industry via Instagram stories. This can include casting calls, opportunities, other livestreams and workshops along with useful information for actors. This often includes posts from casting directors and agents. ​Our hope is that actors will gain opportunities by putting the work in to get themselves out there via the Minute Monologue platform.

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