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Moe Choice

Imagine a world where we are all free to show up as our true selves. A world where we each contribute to a better quality of life, through our own, unique experience of life. Everything I do is about working with the individual to find pathways for progress. I do this through the power of dialogue - using conversation to challenge, clarify and connect - to create choice.

The answers lie within each of us, and the key to this is Self-expression.

True entrepreneurs are those who wish to express their experience through their business, in a way that benefits themselves as well as their stakeholders, the wider community, and our environment as a whole. These are the people I work with, to develop opportunities for impact, collaboration and ultimately, legacy.

I offer a unique combination: a deep understanding of the startup scene [13 founded over 20+ years, knowledge in over 100 different industries worldwide] and a deep understanding of human behaviour [6,000+ hours of creating transformational progress through coaching & facilitating].

I am the Mind Detective - working with you to gain clarity on how you see the world and what truly matters within it. I am the Startup Coach for Founders, Co-Founders & Entrepreneurs who believe in better.

I believe that Choice matters. I believe that Everybody matters.

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