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Money Mastermind

I finally put my foot down and said "I've had enough of feeling out of control, disempowered and down about my personal finances - I want to be free of this one day." Know the feeling?
Since then, I've started on my journey to not only understanding the numbers, but changing my relationship with money altogether.

After recently attending a facilitated mastermind, I knew that with the more focussed subject of 'improving personal finances', it could be a very powerful experience. Add to this the expertise of different specialists, and we can create a powerful learning space and supportive community. It just made sense to me.

So I've set up a Money Mastermind to:    
  • Create a powerful community of people who are committed and focussed on creating financial freedom in their life, no matter where they've started.
  • Empower you to write your own personal financial story and create consistent habits around money that serve you, so you can take control of your financial future before it takes control of you.
  • Teach you the steps to achieving financial freedom, and hold you accountable to the goals that you set, so you can make progress and troubleshoot in a supportive environment.
  • Network for knowledge and resources to propel you towards your goal of financial freedom.

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