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Movement Angol

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement enables you to gain a better understanding of posture, alignment and breath. Specifically through contemporary dance techniques and integrating the mind and body, similar to yogic flow practises. It will help improve flexibility, flow of movement, build strength and core stability. 

We are extremely passionate about promoting health and wellbeing and it is through these practises that we want to help you find a healthier, happier and more empowered way of living.



BodyRhythms is a therapeutic based movement practice that used the regenerative properties of movement and dance, to help you maintain your body’s natural bounce and flow. The practice takes you on a physical journey of self exploration, encouraged through a dialogue of rhythm, movement, dance, imagery and the imagination, to help you raise your awareness of negative changes going on within your body.


This is a process that works intuitively to help you engage and unlock your body. The work enriches the imagination, energises the body systems and relaxes the mind. This is a fun, creative and relaxing way to improve your health and wellbeing by exploring your body and its capacity for self care, for a more intuitive, fluid and open approach to living.

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