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MW Event Productions

MW Event Productions are devoted to giving people a good time. We do this through a variety of channels, but all with the same vision in mind. That vision is to bring quality, regular events to rural areas. We don't like the lack of events in small or rural towns, so we're setting out to change that.

We have a number of brands under our belt such as, Platform Music UK, Big Screen Outdoors and Beer Hunter. All of these events started small, and they may grow but they will always remain with their roots. Our goal is to bring regular events to all small or rural towns, to give the people of those towns the opportunity to enjoy a night out without having to make excessive travel arrangements. 

We predominantly do our own events, but we also have a wealth of expertise that can be shared with you or someone you know. We've been involved with all sorts of different events from large city centre events, so small and initmate weddings. So if you need a hand creating something special, give us a bell!

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