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Neil Mangan

Neil Mangan is an estate agent, landlord, and Continually looking to add to his portfolio of HMO's .  He regularly attends and presents at networking events in and around Central and West London. 

There are a huge number of property networking events in London right now.  What makes us different?  

The Kensington & Chelsea Property Group was set up for a number of reasons. First and foremost is  for the audience to gain real value, content and learning from the guest speaker, not the hard sell that seems to be very prominent . The host - Neil Mangan- also believes a lot of property networking events focus in on too few topics.  Though very relevant, themes such as development and crowdfunding seem to be very prominent right now, and they will be included in the event calendar. 


However, there are many more strings to a properties bow and it is Neil's intention to showcase other themes that are just as important in the property cycle; Interior Design, showing how this add's real value to a property. Planning and surveying, tax and finance strategies, refurbishments and choosing the right building team. Other topic's that will be included will be joint ventures and investors, spatial design, commercial property, and many more. 


The other intention behind this networking group is for it to grow and create long standing relationships, both personal and professional. The purpose of changing themes each month is to attract a slightly different audience in the property cycle, whilst still retaining an appeal to the remainder of the network. Thus allowing it to grow and expand. 


Neil also believes there isn't enough audience participation in some events he has been too, nor enough fun.


After every presentation there will be an networking break. Following this there will be a chance for anyone in the audience to win a bottle of champagne, and more. Any  member of the audience will get an opportunity to talk about any type of deal they have structured,  or are structuring, in the section of the evening called 'Deal of the month'.   After the designated time has passed (2-5 mins) the audience will then decide how good a deal it is by way of a 'clap-o-meter'.  The deal with the loudest 'clap' wins the prize. 


Although this is the fun part of the evening the intention behind this is for other audience members to learn about the different types of deals available, how some people structure them, and how finance was raised.


If this appeals to you then please join our networking group on meet up: The Kensington & Chelsea Property Group. 



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