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Nimbus Disability



Nimbus is an organisation created to meet the practical needs of organisations in the understanding and implementation of the Equality Act for Disabled People


We exist entirely to support you in making sure the work you do is legal and meets the needs of your customers. You can find out more about why you might choose to engage Nimbus here


Nimbus is the home of a range of consultancy services and also the creator of the CredAbility and Access Card Schemes: these are two schemes that turn your work into tangible outputs for your organisation.


There are not many organisations providing similar services to Nimbus, and those that are have nothing like the knowledge and experience which you benefit from in using us.

Our services are rooted in a real tangible experience of working with disability and the legislation. You don’t simply get a disabled persons perspective when using Nimbus as is often the case in other organisations – you get professional, reasoned, supported, quality advice and expertise.

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