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North London Paranormal Investigations

North London Paranormal Investigations was created from a like-minded group of Professional individuals who go about their normal lives from day to day but who also shared a common interest, and thats the paranormal. Paranormal Activity, The Dark, Ghosts and spirits. Demons and Witches, Werewolves and Vampires. UFO's and Aliens. The unknown makes us all fear and fear well!

The objective of the North London Paranormal Investigations Team of volunteers is to investigate the unknown with a view to providing evidence of phenomena by way of Still images, Video Images, Electronic Voice Phenomena, Thermometers, Digital recorder, Infra red cameras.


"Ghost Hunt" Events

As part of our services we offer website members and the Public the opportunity to attend our Paranormal investigations with our team.

The events are normally a few hours to an overnight vigil. Depending on how active the Location is. In addition we encourage our members and guests to bring their own equipment and make their own conclusions.

A digital camera, a touch, good shoes and a flask are the basics. Make sure you have a fresh supply of batteries.

Ghost Hunt Events will be advertised on our website and again in our events section on our Facebook page. We also have a group on facebook so watch out for regular updates, Tickets can be purchased online.

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