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North West Employee Experience Group (NWEEG)

NWEEGs vision is to encourage and boost support for businesses across the North West of England to effectively engage with their staff, their customers and their stakeholders on a daily basis. Our purpose is simply to make the North West of England the best place to work.  We explore how exemplary organisations have created a hugely productive workforce that feel valued and integral to the organisation’s success. Our events cover key engagement topics and discuss why there is a need for employee engagement. We present evidence, skills and real-life practical experiences of how North West business leaders have successfully engaged with their teams, resulting in increased productivity and business growth. The group, which boasts over 500 business leaders and professionals as members, organises and facilitates bi-monthly events and a full-day annual conference and awards evening. Additional Special Interest Groups are held throughout the year, across the North West, relating to specific topics of employee engagement.