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#nottssoup - Nottingham Soup

Sociably crowdfunding local people ideas.

Come and eat soup with us for a donation of £5, hear from 4 local people's ideas. 

The idea is folks get together, each donating a minimum of £5 for tasty homemade soup, and vote for their favourite idea.  The winner takes 100% of the donations!  But, you have to be in it to win it. 

Once everybody has pitched you get the opportunity to vote for who you think should win all the donations and in turn they will come back at a future Soup and let us know what amazing impact the money has made.

It is not just about the opportunity the money can create for the individuals and businesses that pitch, it is about sharing ideas and making connections with supportive people who want to help make a difference too. 

The idea came from the enormously successful Detriot Soup They have raised more than $130,000 hosting over 150 Soups since 2010 and now it is Nottingham’s turn to get involved!

Apply to Pitch!

Anybody can apply to pitch! It doesn’t matter what stage your idea is at, how old you are or where you come from (as long as your idea is going to impact Nottingham). You could be; at school or college, a freelancer, a small business, unemployed, a community group etc. We just care that you have a great idea to share with the community and you want to do good with the potential funding.

Remember you will have 4 minutes to pitch (without technology) and then you will have to answer 4 questions from the audience. If would like to apply please get in touch.




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