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Oasis Church Waterloo LGBTQIA+ Hub


In many of our evangelical churches, it’s still difficult to live openly as a person who is LGBTQIA+, many feel that not only has the church rejected them but so has God.  If that is you OPEN HOUSE is a safe place where you can share your story without any fear of rejection and receive encouragement.

There are many stories of people who are LGBTQIA+ experiencing rejection from a faith community. If that is you OPEN HOUSE is a place where the doors are flung open to show the inclusivity of God in all her/his diversity.

Many people have come to realise that God does accept them and are beginning to walk in that freedom to be themselves and to enjoy for the first time the amazing love of God. Being a minority group in society and the church, being LGBTQIA+ can be difficult and hard to get used to. You may have questions about your faith and sexuality and the practical aspects of being LGBTQIA+ and a Christian. If that is you OPEN HOUSE is a place where you can ask any questions about relationships, sex, clubbing/bars etc and the Bible and can include discussions such as coming out, hate crime, confidence and dating. The agenda is yours

OPEN HOUSE believes that creating safe, supportive and inclusive church communities for people who are LGBTQIA+  expresses Jesus’ message that we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28). We believe that OPEN HOUSE can create transformation and, in many cases, life-saving experiences.

Finally OPEN HOUSE creates a safe, supportive and inclusive space for people to talk about faith and sexuality, to share their story, to listen to other people’s stories, to receive healing of spiritual abuse, to share the love of God. OPEN HOUSE aims to demonstrate that people of faith can be both self-assured about their sexuality and unapologetic about their Christianity. 

All groups are for people who are unsure of their sexuality, as well as people who are out but feel isolated. Other peoples' experiences about coming out can often help people who are unsure. You don't even have to identify yourself if you would prefer not to. Although most of the groups are for a specific gender we regard gender as something people identify with and not necessarily what they were born into (i.e. trans people are welcome at all of our men's groups).  We will endeavour to plan discussions and activities that encompass LGBTQIA experience free from prejudice or bias.  Our groups welcome anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA, but we also recognise that people may choose not to identify themselves this way, or in another way, and that’s fine!   People who don’t identify within the binary are welcome to choose what group is appropriate to them. We fully welcome and support people who are questioning – regardless of whether they are questioning their sexuality or gender.  We fully support an individual’s journey regardless of what they choose to identify as. 

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