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Throughout the year we, the 25 PhD students and almost 50 associated internal and external researchers at CogNovo, develop new ideas, run experiments, discuss results, and present them at conferences and workshops all over the world. All the time we are following and creating the most advanced ideas in our fields - you could almost imagine that as surfing the wave of knowledge. Once a year we want to show what we have learned back here in Plymouth and, to stay with the surfer lingo, we call this event "Off the Lip". This year we want to show some of our results to everyone: workers, researchers, pupils, students, tourists, and shoppers from anywhere who happen to be in the Southwest between 20 October and 22 October 2016. This means: we invite YOU to participate in one of our workshops during the CogNovo Manufactory and to come to our CogNovo Bizarre Bazaar – or just do one of these things. We hope, that you will have a look at what we have done and discuss how you think we could do better. Both events together are this years "Off the Lip 2016".

We will run a number of workshops and interactive sessions during two evenings on 20 October and 21 October after work and school, starting from 6pm to 9pm. To help us planning, please sign up for one of the workshops below. You can come to the Bizarre Bazaar on 22/10 without registration, and please bring anyone you will meet on the way to Plymouth city centre.

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