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One Promise

Inspiring men to transform their lives one promise at a time...

One promise is a project that is aimed at teenage boys and young men aged up to 30 years old. Our aim is to encourage young males to make just one promise to themselves about one thing they are going to change their own life.
In order to make a difference we have to become the change we want to see in the world, what we do at One Promise is teach young men that if we all make one promise at a time to ultimately make a few key changes in our individual lives, it will show to the rest of the world and subsequently affect real and tangible change.
Our project makes room for conversations seldom had among young men, it is impossible to get to the bottom of personal challenges and issues without candid conversation. This is why at One Promise we encourage males to come together in different settings just to build relationships, to speak without fear of judgment and to be embraced by people who are also sharing key experiences and growing through life.

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