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Open Government Network, Open Data MCR, Demsoc MCR

Open Government Network - The UK Open Government Civil Society Network (OGN) is a coalition of active citizens and civil society organisations committed to making government and other powerful institutions work better for people through enhanced transparency, participation and accountability.

The OGN collaborates with and challenges governments in the UK to develop and implement ambitious open government reforms through the UK’s membership of the Open Government Partnership, and coordinates civil society advocacy on open government issues.  It has partnered with the government to develop the UK’s 2013-15 and 2016-18 Open Government Action Plans.


Open Data MCR - Open Data Manchester is an association for people who are interested in realising the potential of data to benefit citizens, business and public bodies in Greater Manchester and beyond. It is a diverse community of developers, activists, artists, journalists and public sector employees. It holds regular meetings, hack days and information events which are generally free and open to all. It also provides consultancy and research services.


Demsoc MCR - The Democratic Society (Demsoc) works for more and better democracy, where people and institutions have the desire, opportunity and confidence to participate together. We work to create opportunities for people to become involved in the decisions that affect their lives and for them to have the skills to do this effectively. We support governments, parliaments and any organisation that wants to involve citizens in decision making to be transparent, open and welcoming of participation. We actively support spaces, places and processes to make this happen.

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