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Who are we?

Opoka-Bristol is a confidential and free specialist Domestic Violence Service for Polish women and children.  Our service is delivered and run entirely by experienced & specialist Bi-lingual Polish Staff & Volunteers.

What are our aims?

Our initial aim is to stop Domestic Violence and abuse within the Polish community by providing both practical, educational and specialist assistance that supports Women and Children who are experiencing Domestic Violence and abuse and are isolated due to the fact, that they are from an Eastern European background and have limited or no understanding as to how to gain or access support to begin to address the risks they are currently experiencing.

Our secondary aim is to raise awareness through training advice and advocacy about the suffering and isolation of the Polish women and children we support to other voluntary and statutory services such as the Police, Criminal Justice System Local Authorities, Social Services & Safeguarding Teams, GP’s, the NHS, Schools and Teaching Staff and all other relevant professionals.  We aim also to do this within the Polish community and the wider community in general in order that the signs and symptoms of Domestic Violence are more easily recognised, reported and stopped! 

For all other professionals who come in to contact with Polish women and children, who they suspect or know are experiencing Domestic Violence (DV) our service is completely free and we welcome all enquiries.

Polish victims of (DV) are extremely vulnerable and isolated not just because of the devastating effects of violence and abuse.  But also, due to cultural and language barriers and through a sense of fear that within the tight nit Polish community they will be vilified and face further discrimination and abuse if they speak up and try to tell someone the truth. 

If these women also have children they are afraid that social services will remove the children from they’re care which causes further isolation and reduces the chances they should access vital lifesaving support and help.




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