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Our Healthier South East London


Interested in the future of your health and care services?


Come to a series of events happening across south east London


The NHS is one of our most valued institutions. It belongs to us all and a partnership of healthcare professionals, patients and local residents have come together to make sure that the NHS in the future is as good, sustainable and cherished as it is now and has been in the past.


Everyone knows that the NHS faces considerable pressures, mainly because we have a growing and ageing population. With increasing life expectancy comes ailments of old age such as heart disease and arthritis.


Rather than this being a problem, it is a real opportunity for all of our communities to come together and work out the best ways of helping our NHS to adapt and change to meet the increasing demand on services. 


It is far better that we can plan and shape this together according to the needs of our communities, rather than allow problems to build up and continue to affect our services in the future.


We are running a series of events and want as many of you as possible to come along, hear our thinking and discuss what this will mean for your local services.


The health and care issues we are looking at include: 

- how we can improve community care and care outside hospital 

- how different parts of the health and care system can work better together to give people the care they need

- how we can best meet the rising demand for services from an expanding and ageing population and respond to the financial pressuresthis places on the NHS

- and crucially, what more can we do to stop people becoming unwell 


Read more about how we have been working to improve health and care services at or follow us @ourhealthiersel


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