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OutStories Bristol
OutStories Bristol is a voluntary, community-history group gathering the stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender people living in or associated with Bristol and its surrounding area.
Our aims
  • Record the life stories of LGBT people, in writing or using audio and video.

  • Collect and preserve documents, artefacts, memorabilia.

  • Archive the material in appropriate public institutions so it is accessible to everyone.

  • Put on exhibitions, talks and guided tours.

  • Support theatre and performance work; story-telling.

  • Provide a resource for researchers, journalists, archivists – and you.

Current activities

Some members spend time combing local archives, newspaper libraries or the internet for relevant information. Others conduct oral interviews, or help maintain this web-site and our facebook page. You can help, whatever your interests and skills.   

Sorry, there are no upcoming events