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PADS - Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland

The purpose of the Partnership for Action on Drugs in Scotland (PADS) is to provide the necessary leadership in order to continue to tackle problem drug use in Scotland, building on the actions set out in the Road to Recovery Strategy.  The Partnership will coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a programme of work, particularly through three themed groups, to deliver outcomes and benefits that minimise harm caused by problem drug use by:

• improve prevention of drug problems, meaning people are less likely to develop a substance misuse problem;
• enabling sustained recovery, meaning people receive support which helps them recover from problem drug use;
• reducing harm to people taking drugs and others, including children and families

PADS believes that individuals, families and communities in Scotland have the right to live their lives unharmed by problem substance use. We understand that substance use is a complex problem, with associated stigma, for society and individuals, and can be both created and compounded by a range of significant inequalities. In responding to such inequalities, and their harmful consequences, we believe that problem substance users, their families and communities, deserve our help, support and resources to create the kinds of changes that they wish to see in their lives and environment. The prevention of substance use problems lies at the heart of our approach.

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