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Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)

Position Statement of the Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum


The Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF) is a Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist organisation.  In acknowledging the primacy of matter we are philosophical materialist.  We seek to make our contribution to the unification, liberation and development of Afrika and Afrikan people under a just social system.   The achievement of this objective is Afrikan people’s contribution to the worldwide revolutionary movement.  Within this context our aim is to help equip Afrikan people locally and globally with the skills, knowledge and common understanding of our history, present circumstances and purpose to achieve a home based Afrikan continental super-state governed in the interest of Afrikan people worldwide.


To achieve this we must overcome the economic, political and social structures subjugating Afrikan and other oppressed peoples in Britain where we are based and around the world.  We therefore stand resolutely opposed to Zionism, Capitalism, Imperialism, Colonialism, Settler-Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism and Institutional Racism.  At the level of the people’s resistance to these structures we focus primarily on confronting race, class and gender oppression.


Whilst we encourage our membership to read broadly, both inside and outside of the Afrikan experience, our ideology comes from our culture – Afrikan culture. Our ideological base includes the revolutionary politics of: Marcus Garvey, Kwame Nkrumah, SekouToure, Malcolm X, Claudia Jones, Amilcar Cabral, Walter Rodney, Franz Fanon, WEB Du Bois, the collective experiences of the Black Panther Party, our ancestors of the Haitian Revolution and other uprisings against enslavement. Revolutionary continental struggles in Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola; the Grenadian revolution and Afrikan uprisings in the UK are also incorporated. This list is not exhaustive.


The PASCF actively studies and promotes the most progressive ideas represented by these Afrikan cultural experiences through our community education programmes. Weekly workshops and major annual events are organised consistently as a basis for educating our members and the broader community alike. In addition we maintain a website, engage in radio and TV broadcasts and publish forum papers.

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