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I work as a Wellness and Resilience Coach, where I combine my nutritional work with my coaching, educating people about the understanding of how our mind works and the huge influence it has on our physique


I like to give the power back to the individual and show them ways of reaching their potential.


Because body and mind are so closely connected, one doesn’t really work without the other.

Food can make us ill or can heal us, but to see that, we need to be educated about which foods nourish and which harm us.


The other is our mind; to know is one thing but putting it into action the other. 

We incessantly stand in our own way

Maybe we do know all the facts but we can not find the will to put them into practice.

We don’t understand that We are The Thinker and We create our own stories of who we think we are and who we think we want to be.


Realizing that will help us on our journey to good health and  take away unnecessary thinking, leaving us happier with ourselves and able to live a healthier lifestyle.

With my work I want to help you to unfold what is already there, so that you start to life a healthy land fulfilled life.

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