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Proficient Research, Innovation and Development (PRID)

Proficient   Research, Innovation  &   Development   (PRID)     is   a limited   company   registered   in England   and   Wales  (Company  No  :  9941862) .  

We organise budget (low cost), but standard academic, professional, practical, and/or  business  events   such as  conferences, colloquia, seminars,  summits,  symposia, business links,  and  cafe  scientific    targeted  at   knowledge  transfer    for  development. We  plan  and  host  events  at  various    locations  withinin the  UK and beyond.  Our key target event participants are middle career professionals, early career professionals and students,  in academic and research institutions. However, our events are open for registrations by more experienced professionals and other relevant stakeholders.  Our  experiences   of  participating  in similar   events   at  various locations in the UK, will  be useful  when we  plan  and  host  our   events.

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