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PropElle Network

Welcome to PropElle - a community of women focused looking to live the life they choose through property investing.

PropElle is an innovative membership network focused on property and wellness that helps women on the journey toward financial freedom through property investing.

At its core, PropElle aims to empower women to make their money work for them.

We hope you will find that we are an essential resource for those who want to invest in themselves through a balanced approach to property and self-investment.

Members of PropElle get access to straight-talking, female-focused, property investment education, quality networking events, mentoring, power team building, business and entrepreneurship advice, access to funding and property investment opportunities that we can invest in together, as a community…

The network is built on ‘fearless reciprocity’, encouraging a cycle of positive actions, shared intelligence and an upward curve of mutually beneficial growth for all its members.

We're founded by Ayesha Ofori, a property investment specialist, former ultra-high net wealth adviser who won the Women of the Future Award in Real Estate and Construction in 2019 .

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