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Join Stamatis Kraounakis & Speira Speira in the Greek Musical Theatre Show ‘ALL AS ONE’ kiss me, in a nostalgic and exciting journey of the last 3 decades of Greek songs we all know and love.

Stamatis Kraounakis, an undisputed great composer along with three wonderful colleagues, Aris Vlachos, musical director, keyboard, Vaios Prapas, Folk strings, guitar, George Tamiolakis, Cello and five angelic supporters, great artists who have given themselves entirely to their art (alphabetically): Christos Gerontidis, Sakis Karathanasis, Costas Bougiotis, George Stivanakis and Harris Fleouras promise a journey in love through the music.

Prosopa Events aims to create a cultural hub that will host or organise high-level events for the Greek and Cypriot community in the UK as well as the international audience.

Prosopa is a group of London-based Greek friends who want to re-introduce Greece and the Greek spirit to people outside the boundaries of our country, as we believe we have amazing things to show!


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