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Protect Our NHS -

Protect Our NHS Position Statement: We want a comprehensive, integrated, cost effective, and Not for Profit, NHS providing high quality services, free at the point of delivery and not subject to EU competition regulations. The welfare of patients must always come first. Our Manifesto: 1. Repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012. 2. Phase-out the provision of NHS services by private companies. 3. End the sale of NHS assets to the private sector. 4. Abolish the purchaser-provider split within the NHS. 5. Save money by stopping the wasteful competitions for NHS clinical services. 6. Abolish the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) which has saddled parts of the NHS with huge financial burdens. 7. Re-establish the Secretary of State's statutory duty to provide and secure a comprehensive health service. 8. Make the NHS more transparent in all its activities and involve public and patients in the decision making process which affects them. 9. Organise the NHS on the basis of co-operation and focus on the timely delivery of high-quality services. 10. Raise awareness of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership which would make privatisation of the NHS irreversible and campaign for the NHS to be exempt from it. 11. Campaign for proper safeguards to be put in place with regard to the sharing of patient data in the light of the six month delay to the implementation of

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