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Qadosh Kingdom Movement

Our name, Qadosh Kingdom Movement, reveals the concept of who we are:


  • “Qadosh” is a Hebrew word meaning holy, sacred (ceremonially or morally); (as noun) God (by eminence), an angel, a saint, a sanctuary:--holy (One), set apart, distinct, consecrated and different.

  • “Kingdom” means the reign, rule and realm of a sovereign king. In reference to our Heavenly Father, Yahuwah, it speaks of His ways, patterns, culture, law, order, designs, intent, plans and purposes; the fullness of His will having total influence, governance and dominance over all the affairs of creation.

  • “Movement” means a community and organisation formed to provoke a revolutionary change in the order of this world. A movement operates by its own ethos and establishes multi-faceted operations to advance its mission.


Qadosh Kingdom Movement (QKM) is a non-denominational, cross-generational, global apostolic movement on the forefront of a holy revolution in this generation and generations to come.


Qadosh Kingdom Movement serves as a global community of kingdom ambassadors and a conglomerate of kingdom operations, embodied together as one movement with the sole mission of “advancing, expanding and establishing the Kingdom of God, on Earth as it is in Heaven!”


Qadosh Kingdom Movement launched by planting its first church in the UK (Qadosh Kingdom Embassy of London) on April 28th 2013. Qadosh Kingdom Movement continues to grow and thrive by placing a unique emphasis on:

  • Holiness (kingdom representation)
  • The Fear of the Lord (intimacy with the Father through Sonship)
  • The Great Commission (discipleship & cultural transformation)
  • Salvation (the restoration of the whole man; spirit, soul and body)
  • The Mysteries of the Kingdom (apostolic & prophetic education)
  • The Identity, Purpose and Power of the Church (developing covenant communities and equipping the Saints for kingdom operations)
  • Humanitarian Aid (supporting the destitute through evangelistic missions, social justice & relief)


Our motto/mantra is “Making a Difference, by being the Difference!” Our governing philosophy is that external change begins with internal transformation; we must therefore learn the art of personifying the environment we want to behold in our world. By being conformed to the image of the only begotten Son of God, we are enabled to bring cultural transformation in the World around us as kingdom ambassadors.


Qadosh Kingdom Movement fulfils its unique vision and mission through a 7-fold apostolic strategy, called “The Menorah: Vine & Branch Model”; our vine being church planting, and our branches being the other organisational arms of Qadosh Kingdom Movement. It is through our churches that we facilitate the other 6 aspects of our organisation. Listed below is our 7-fold organisational structure:


  • Qadosh Kingdom Missions (network of churches; church planting)
  • Qadosh Kingdom Ministries (conglomerate of kingdom operations; serving the Church and the World through gifts)
  • Qadosh Kingdom Fellowships (conglomerate of discipleship/community organisations; impacting social demographics)
  • Qadosh Kingdom Gatherings (events & conferences)
  • Qadosh Kingdom Enterprises (multifaceted business corporation)
  • Qadosh Kingdom Pioneers’ Alliance (network of kingdom innovators and innovations; resourcing and developing organisational leaders)
  • Qadosh Kingdom World Government (social and political activism organisation)

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