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I love teaching. It takes up so much of my energy because I put my entire heart and soul into every moment of it, but it's worth every bit.

I also learn so much from all of you wonderful people who come to class, and I am grateful for the inspiration you give me.

It's an honor to share my artistic journey with all of you.

So yes I teach art but my classes are also about much more than that.

Its about having fun, letting go of inhibitions, believing in yourself.

Its about community and support and friendship.

Its about expressing yourself and finding out that YOUR way of creating is personal and unique and perfectly imperfect and that YOUR creations count.

Its about not being put off by previous experiences.

Its about igniting a desire to scribble with the freedom of a child or paint with the finesse of a seasoned artist.

Its about silencing that inner critic, the one that always tells you that you cant draw or paint.

It's about showing up and giving yourself a chance to see and believe in what's possible.

Come share the experience with a room full of lovely people just like you.

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