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Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme

Sinews of Sustainable Development Speakers Series is the flagship event presented by the Resilience and Sustainable Development Programme (RSDP). The event is held once a term at the University of Cambridge, UK. The R`SDP research team and the fellows carefully identify a topic that plays a catalytic role in the systems of applying resilience and operationalising sustainable development. To ensure this thinking is effectively communicated, the Chair of the Speakers Series Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell together with the RSDP Director Dr Nazia Habib invites no more than five international experts and public speakers at a time to share their views, plans and practices. Together with the audience, the Sinews speakers series is exploring the questions that shape our world. So far we have covered a wide variety of topics ranging from private sector development, peace and conflict, gender rights and climate change. This is a free and open public event.

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