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Results with Kim - Lifestyle & Fitness Coach

Coleshill’s #1 Women’s Lifestyle & Fitness Coach for Women aged 35+ 
Empowering women to become healthy, confident and fit. 


Hi, I specialise in working with women age 35+ who are struggling in losing1 to 3 stone. Is this you??? With the right advice, support and guidance I can help you build confidence and get super focused in reaching your health goals. 

Having worked with 100's of local women who needed the right advice, support and guidance with weight issues, I have helped encourage and empowered them to live healthier lives.

I am the only dedicated fat loss specialist in my area working full time on my business. This allows me to give 100% fully focus attention with my clients.

I also regularly help other fitness professionals and work alongside small business making sure my clients get the best support available. As a result, the women who work with me, as opposed to simply going to a regular gym, always have the result they ask for, increasing their confidence and improving the quality of their life.

My mission: Is to help as many women start living the life they truly deserve, by motivating them to get fitter, get them feeling sexier, looking fantastic, all in a fun unique way.

I look forward to working out with you.

Kim x

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