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Richard Jarmy Photography

Book in, Turn up, Smile.

My Pop Up Photoshoots have been proving very popular with everyone!

What are they? Well, I kept getting asked to do some various location shoots for families and so my first Pop Up Shoot was in a Bluebell wood and I thought rather than spend an hour getting lots of the same shots with one family, I would break it down into 15 minute chunks!

It keeps it short and sweet, I can get around 50 images (usually more!) with a few different angles and variations, the little ones don’t get bored (that may be because I am constantly playing peekaboo with them or singing silly songs to get their attention) and get some wonderful family shots of everyone together!

This has since progressed into beaches, wedding anniversaries, dogs & horses, winter wonderland shoots and more.

I keep the price low so that they are affordable and the wonderful thing is, people book again and again because they are so happy with the results and the mechanics of it all.

If you would like a Pop Up Photoshoot, then please get in touch today or click this link for the listings…

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