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Richmond Stace MCSP MSc BSc (Hons) Specialist Pain Physiotherapist | Pain Coach | Social Entrepaineur

I have been working with people suffering chronic pain and health issues for over 20 years in different settings, including the NHS, sport, business and private healthcare. I am Chartered Physiotherapist with a background in nursing, rehabilitation, coaching and pain sciences. In the early 2000’s I set up the Specialist Pain Physio Clinics in London to focus exclusively on chronic pain. From my experiences and having read the Master's Degree at King’s College London in Pain Science under the tutelage of Dr Mick Thacker, I was sure that we, the community of clinicians and therapists, could inspire and enable people to manage and overcome their pain on the way to leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Now I am convinced that we can change society's thinking about pain in both our clinical work and how we approach life ourselves. 

My influences are many, and you'll feel and experience this as we journey through the day. I discovered that to understand pain requires the on-going development of the self, and building upon our strengths and knowledge by drawing upon the fields of science, philosophy, consciousness, Buddhism, phenomenology and more. Pain is part of life and one of the best examples of a conscious experience. I am fascinated by what it is to be human and to have our perceptions and experiences, which is why I spend much of my time trying to understand it and create practical ways of riding the waves of life for the best outcomes. 

My vision is a world that understands pain, and my purpose is to reduce suffering by bringing a positive and practical approach to pain and life by building wellness, our greatest buffer to life's challenges. This together with a true understanding of pain, our potential for change and a range of practices and tools enables us to get the best of ourselves to get the best of our patients and clients, every day. 

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