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Rie Takeda / School Of SHODO

Let me introduce myself. 
Born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan, I started practicing Shodo at the age of five under the creative supervision of her grandmother, a distinguished GAYU calligrapher. Later I began to take lessons at a Gayu SHODO calligraphy school. This laid a solid foundation not only for my development of the various layers of calligraphy technique and skills but also for the SUMIE technique in calligraphic design.

I work as a freelance artist and a professional calligrapher in U.K./Europe and Japan Since 2000. Besides creating various media of calligraphy works and Neo-Japonism art, my passion for learning and teaching SHODO and the interest in developing the effective method of teaching this beautiful form of art has always been expanding. 


Since 2002, I give SHODO the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy” lessons based on "one to one" private sessions as well as workshops and group classes . Through my teaching experiences in Japan and Europe with multiple age groups and backgrounds, I developed an original effective yet creative way of teaching SHODO - the Mindfulness-Method. Which I believe works for everyone.


I focus on bringing the balance of mind and body together as well as student's individual mindfulness process by specially designed practices. So students can learn little by little how to concentrate on their own Qi (living-energy) flow, conduct and apply it with brush and ink onto the paper.
My lesson is totally tailor suited to individual level/speed/needs and provides the most suitable text for the student's technical development in every lesson and workshops. 
The calligraphy texts are based on seasonal, classics, haiku, tanka, Zen and being prepared for improving sensitive stages of skills, techniques and calligraphy styles.

My original method and concept of teaching SHODO calligraphy is focused on: 
- mind and body connection
- discovering individual inner quality and peace
- "hands-on" guidance 
- tailor-suited lesson for each individual and needs 
- the middle balance
- "Here and Now" momentum flow 
- the mindfulness process
- distressing the body tension
- breathing awareness
- rising the Qi(energy)flow and awareness 


More inof and details:

My SHODO site:
My Neo-Japonism site: www.rietakeda-com


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